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Planet Do-It Seminar:

Calgary Motivation Seminar Workshop

Time: 30 to 45 min

Do you know what you want out of your life? This motivating seminar will get you dreaming big, and really creating and manifesting your dreams at the conscious level. This is a fun workshop, and a very personal activity, and guests will take something away from this seminar…a 5 year plan!

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Feng Shui Seminar:

Calgary Feng Shui Seminar

Time: 45 min to 1 hour

“Add Feng Shui to your Life”. Easy Feng Shui tips for anyone! – Simple steps you can take to create balance, health, wealth and success in your home, your career and yourself. Let Tina show you how to organize your way to a better life. Change your surroundings, and you will change your life! Spring cleaning is essential for your household. Simplify, go natural, and bring more of that amazing life force energy into your home. Focus on “Do it NOW” stuff that you can apply today

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Going Green:

Green Living Seminar Calgary

Time 30 to 45 Minutes

Simple steps anyone can take to be more “green” in their lives! Composting, reducing and reusing , recycling, removing toxins from your life, eating close to home, growing food at home, simplifying and living in harmony with our land.

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Dress For Success:

Dress for Success Seminar Calgary

Time 30 to 45 Minutes

Simple and Cheap! Tips, techniques and strategies to help you use more of your pizzazz and style to get what you want! If you want to be somebody, you gotta just be that somebody right now! This seminar will convince you that you are worth dressing the part for your life, and that you can achieve that simply and easily. Fun and Fabulous, for men and women, from your undies to your hair, let’s go there!

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