Feng Shui & Organizing

Just as wind and water flow gently and smoothly into your surroundings, using Feng Shui in your life will create a calming smoothness and vitality.

Tina O’Connor is a Feng Shui Expert who can help you maximize the life giving chi energy flowing into your life. If you are ready to change your life, Tina is ready to help you by systematically changing your surroundings.

Ready to kick start your life with Feng Shui, and Organization?
Just choose where you want to start:



Feng Shui Consultant CalgaryBook your 1 hour** Feng Shui consult with Tina today. Consults can be done in your home or office, or online, to suit your needs. You will receive an in depth report following Tina’s visit detailing the results of her assessment, along with recommendations for making improvements to your surroundings based on the hour consult. Cost varies depending on method of deployment. Please contact Tina for a solid quote


The Tease

Calgary Home Organization Consultant

This 2 hour** appointment gives you the Discovery Feng Shui Consult, plus an hour with Tina on one or two projects in your home that are critical. From clutter clearing to furniture moving to closet, purse or drawer reorganization, you’ve got Tina for an hour.  Book your appointment now!


A Bit o’ Magic

Canada Feng Shui AdvisorBook Tina for a 3 hour** makeover that’s focused on your priorities. If you want to see real results, put your trust in the hands of Tina. She can work magic in 3 hours. This session includes the Discover Feng Shui Consult, and the rest of the time will be spent clutter clearing and rearranging to suit the Feng Shui findings. 2 full hours of fun creating more zen in your space. More harmony and more love. Book your appointment today!


The Perfect Pantry


Pantry Organization TipsThis 2 hour** session will turn your messy pantry into a dream pantry…everything in its place, and most things in Tupperware containers! Tina will do a full assessment of what you need prior to your day, and then bring your Tupperware with her. Your whole pantry will be get a makeover, and you’ll feel amazing about it! Prices vary based on Tupperware needs and budget. Want to find out more? Get a personalized quote now!


You can also order your Tupperware here!


Calgary tupperware partyIt will be delivered right to your door, and you can create magic in your pantry!

**You will need to be present for the entirety of this appointment. Teamwork is essential to our success together.

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